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Future Ready Schools NJ

We Are Proud to Be a Future Ready Schools NJ Thought Partner

Room to Discover is a proud member of the FRS-NJ Corporate Thought Partners Collaborative. In this role, we work with program leadership to provide guidance, resources, and other professional development opportunities to the Future Ready NJ program and its partner schools.

Room to Discover supports schools and districts in each of the 17 “Education and Classroom Practice” indicators within the Future Ready framework. To better understand the individual indicators and how to make them a reality in schools, schedule a consultation today.

About Future Ready Schools NJ

Future Ready Schools – New Jersey is a certification program designed to promote transformational change in schools and districts throughout New Jersey. Whether they are public, private, or charter, FRS-NJ provides the guidance, support, direction, and resources schools need to achieve “Future Ready” goals, while fostering inclusive collaboration within schools and districts, and between them throughout the state.

The program is a coalition of the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). It is based on the work of the national Future Ready Schools initiative, and the structure and success of the Sustainable Jersey for Schools Certification Program.

The national Future Ready Framework, developed by the Alliance for Excellent Education, serves as an organizational umbrella for all discussions and decisions related to the use of technology in the classroom and the technical, professional, and leadership support needed to ensure the most effective and efficient Future Ready practices.

We Help Schools Become Future Ready

There is perhaps no higher standard for schools than ensuring students are Future Ready. The Future Ready indicators guide schools, but tracking all 50 indicators can be overwhelming. Even with a clear understanding of the standards, achieving them can be a challenge for even the highest-performing schools and districts.

Our services and resources support educators in interpreting the standards and understanding how each Education and Classroom Practice standard applies to your school or district. We can also help you to create and implement school and district-wide initiatives to support measurable, standards-aligned growth. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you and your students are Future Ready.

Room to Discover not only has a vision for 21st century schools, but they truly understand the realities of today’s classroom.

Saber K

Director of Academic Technology