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Our Mission

Every Child Deserves a Student-Centered Classroom.

At Room to Discover, our goal is to ensure that every student in every classroom receives an education that honors their needs and their potential. We support this goal by always putting the learner at the center of their educational experience. While grade level standards are important for measuring schools, they should never be the ultimate driver of educational decision-making.

Learning is not a forced process, it is at the core of what makes us human. Learning is authentic when it relates to life outside the classroom and when students discover new ideas through experiential learning. We believe that every student deserves the Room to Discover.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Learning occurs naturally, and every student is capable of learning.

2. Every child deserves an education that matches their individual needs and interests.

3. Good teaching honors the learner and creates the conditions that allow learning to occur.

4. Learners of all ages thrive when learning is authentic and learner-centered.

5. Standards can be useful as measures of progress, but they should not be the primary driver of instructional practice.

6. Change is not to be feared, but neither should it be pursued for its own sake.

7. Every initiative should be measured against its impact on the student experience.

8. We honor learners by holding them, and ourselves, to the highest standard — not by accepting mediocrity.

Our coach took the time to get to know each of our personalities and teaching styles – I felt supported and not judged.

Veronica V

Elementary Math Teacher