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Student-Centered Learning

Is your classroom student-centered?

Student-centered Learning means designing schools around learners rather than fitting students into a pre-conceived notion of the “average student.” It’s built on the idea that teaching is more than providing information, and learning is more than memorization and following directions.

We support schools like yours in developing each component of student-centered learning. 

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Collaborative Learning


Social-Emotional Learning


Technology Integration

Student-centered learning: no longer a luxury.

The best teachers have always understood that learning is active and that teaching requires an understanding of learners’ needs. Today, student-centered learning is no longer a mark of elite teachers, but an expectation for all effective teachers.

Thanks to the internet, today’s students already have all the information they could ever want at their fingertips. Our role is to understand what makes each child unique, inspire them to take an active role in their learning, and guide them in achieving their own learning goals.

The project-based activities strengthened my son’s problem-solving skills and his ability to collaborate with his peers.

Jenny Kurani

Author – A Big Birthday Hug