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Content Coverage

Curriculum that “covers” grade-level standards may fall short in delivering student engagement and non-academic outcomes. Content coverage refers to moving all students through material at a uniform pace, leading to a teacher-centered approach. This remains, however, the predominant mode of instruction in schools today.


Grade level content covered in sequence

Matches with direct instruction approach


Easier to plan and assess

Ensures fidelity to standards and textbook


Hard to differentiate

Assessments are ‘snapshots’ not ‘videos’

While content coverage may be over-represented in schools, it doesn’t mean that it is not important. Having all students cover uniform content contributes to a community atmosphere. There is also value to having an agreed-upon set of standards that constitute “grade level.” Varying too widely from standards runs the risk of pushing advanced students too hard or lowering expectations for struggling learners.

Make the Most of Your Content Coverage

Rather than abandoning a content coverage approach, we focus on making content coverage more efficient and creating room in the schedule to explore other approaches.

Our consultants can create customized assessments, curriculum, and pacing guides to meet your students’ unique needs. By applying a conceptual lens to curriculum, you can reduce the amount of instructional time needed to cover content. Our data services can help you implement data protocols and make sense of the data you already have.

If you’d prefer to handle curriculum development and data management in-house, our turn-key professional development will help you create a foundation for effectively managing curriculum and assessment.

We also provide professional development on classroom management, lesson planning, and high-impact instructional strategies to ensure that content coverage time is used effectively.  

Room to Discover’s expertise in classroom practice and curriculum planning contributed to our significant growth in student achievement this past school year.


Middle School Principal, Brooklyn, NY