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Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a great way for schools to begin exploring new instructional models. By implementing a PL initiative, teachers can reduce planning and grading time, while providing access to differentiated instruction for all their students. In addition, the data gathered can help teachers in planning high-quality content coverage and inquiry-based learning. Online learning sessions also create time for teachers to conduct one-on-one coaching conversations and small group instruction.


Content matched to student need, across grade levels

Typically done with an online platform


Reduces grading time

Content differentiated to student need

Increases student motivation


Requires technology infrastructure

Students may miss grade level content

Pushes Comfort Zone

In just 30-60 minutes per week, personalized learning can support dramatic increases in student engagement and achievement. Compared with Inquiry-Based Learning, PL initiatives are relatively easy to implement and provide foundations that support inquiry-based learning, such as student ownership and facilitative teaching.

Getting Started with Personalized Learning

Once your initiative has been put into place, it requires little maintenance. However, planning your launch is essential. Before launching, teachers and school leaders should assess whether they have the devices, bandwidth, and technology management to support personalized learning.

In addition to the technology itself, schools should consider how personalized learning will fit in with their current schedule and grading systems. If treated as a supplement to content coverage, it is unlikely that your initiative will have the desired impact.

Our consultants and coaches are experienced in all aspects of personalized learning implementation, including technology assessment, scheduling, and professional development for teachers and administrators. Our expert team will help you anticipate and overcome any obstacles you are likely to encounter.

Personalized learning gave me access to student data and enabled me to better meet the needs of my students.

Brian F

Middle School Math Teacher, New York, NY