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picture of starbucks employees
Inquiry-based Learning

Lessons in Classroom Leadership from the Corporate World

As a new teacher, I often got wrapped-up in grading, class management, and content coverage. It wasn’t until I left education for a management position at Starbucks corporation that I realized what servant leadership really meant, and how it applied to classroom leadership.

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Share Your Brilliance in a Guest Post!

Every educator has an idea worth sharing. Whether it’s a fun activity, or a tip you wish you’d heard when you first started teaching. We’ll even help you polish your idea into a beautifully-written piece!

Summer Math PD

Engaging Online Lessons (Grades 1-8)

*Word Problems
*Algebraic Thinking

Online Math PD

Summer 2020

Tools and Strategies for engaging online math lessons (Grades 1-8)
*Word Problems
*Algebraic Thinking