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Teacher workload can prevent educators from creating effective learning environments
Teaching Strategies

Free up two hours of planning time each week.

I believe that the best way we can enrich students’ learning experience is to give teachers the time to think deeply about their practice – when we create efficiencies in how teachers use their planning time, they can use the added time to make lessons more interactive and creative.

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EdTech Objectives - Classical and Progressive Uses of Technology in the Classroom
Technology Integration

A Tale of Two Education Technologies

I like to think about two divergent strands in education technology, which I’ll call the ‘Classical’ and the ‘Progressive.’ The former allows us to use technology to better traditional goals, while the latter allows us to redefine and expand the expectations we have for our instruction and our students.

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Share Your Brilliance in a Guest Post!

Every educator has an idea worth sharing. Whether it’s a fun activity, or a tip you wish you’d heard when you first started teaching. We’ll even help you polish your idea into a beautifully-written piece!

Summer Math PD

Engaging Online Lessons (Grades 1-8)

*Word Problems
*Algebraic Thinking

Online Math PD

Summer 2020

Tools and Strategies for engaging online math lessons (Grades 1-8)
*Word Problems
*Algebraic Thinking