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Workshop Lesson Plan Template

Engaging lessons allow students to learn through hands-on exploration. Then, they share and reflect on what they've learned. This simple template will help you organize your ideas and plan 3-part workshop lessons for any subject area.
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Problem-Based Learning Guide: Fractions

With a problem-based approach to fractions, students develop conceptual understanding as they actively engage in their learning. Take advantage of techniques that have helped countless educators to guide their students in learning through inquiry.
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Elementary Math Standards Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet gives a clear, simple summary of each elementary math standard, organized by domain and grade level.
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Polya's Word Problem Organizer

Polya was a Hungarian mathematician who discovered that any math problem could be solved in 4-steps: Understand, Plan, Solve, and Reflect. This organizer will help your students solve challenging multi-step word problems.
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Reflective Teaching Guide

Reflective teaching begins by assessing your practice and your environment. This guide to reflective teaching includes a self-assessment and school assessment to guide you in thinking deeply about your practice.
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