Multiplying Fractions Word Problem Activities – Complete Digital and Print Lesson

Multiplying Fractions Word Problem Activities – Complete Digital and Print Lesson

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Teaching multiplying fractions isn’t always easy! But these multiplying fractions word problems can help!

This complete lesson includes interactive Google Slides and printable .pdf handouts. You’ll also get a complete math workshop lesson plan, answer key, rubric, teaching tips, and more!


Multiplying fractions word problem activities combine two of the biggest challenges students face in math: fractions, and word problems.

Students first learn about fractions as parts of a whole. But they also need to understand how to complete math operations when fractions are involved.

These word problems present real-world scenarios where students will need to multiply fractions to find their answer.

In this lesson, students will use the Polya process and create visual models to solve challenging word problems. And, they’ll engage in collaborative inquiry to deepen their conceptual understanding of multiplying fractions. (Common Core Standard 5.NF.B.4)

Benefits of The Multiplying Fractions Word Problems Lesson

This lesson plan is built on the Math Workshop model for collaborative inquiry.

Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers, as they learn a structured process for solving word problems, while deepening their understanding of multiplying fractions.

The included activities can be completed digitally or in print form. And the included teachers’ guide will prepare you to teach the standard (5.NF.B.4) and facilitate collaborative learning.

You’ll also save time by using the pre-made lesson plan and group work rubric. And the completed activities make for a great formative assessment or an artifact for student portfolios.

  • Low Floor, High Ceiling Math Task
  • Collaborative Learning Activity
  • Supports Deep Conceptual Understanding
  • Aligned to Standards (5.NF.B.4)
  • Promotes Student Discourse
  • Minimal Prep Time

What’s Included?

These multiplying fractions word problems contain everything you need to teach this lesson with minimal prep time:

  • Editable Google Slides activity – added to your Google Drive
  • Complete Math Workshop Lesson Plan
  • Printable .pdf Activity
  • Answer Keys
  • Teaching Tips
  • Group Work Rubric
  • Video: How to edit Google Master Slides
  • Video: Integrating with Google Classroom

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