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Assessment and Audits


Measuring success

Understand your school’s needs.

In order to grow, schools rely upon effective assessment and evaluation. These help us understand the needs of students, teachers, and the school as a whole.

We can help you gather data on student needs, as well as make sense of the data you already have. Many schools use out-of-the-box assessments that don’t provide teachers the right information to inform instruction. Assessments that lack consistency within or across grade levels can make it difficult to plan and implement school-wide initiatives.

We also support teachers and schools in reflecting on their practices and programs. Our reflections and school audits provide objective and non-judgmental feedback that provides a springboard to effective planning, instruction, and student achievement.

Student Measures

Accurate measures of student achievement provide a crucial foundation for school growth. Many out-of-the-box assessments fail to identify sources of student difficulty. And when assessments vary from classroom to classroom, effective data-gathering is nearly impossible.

We’ll review your school’s assessment process and implement authentic, objective assessments. We’ll also support you and your team in using assessments and student artifacts to guide instruction.

Data Analysis

Data is an essential tool in driving high-quality instruction. Many schools already gather data but struggle to draw actionable conclusions. Teachers and school leaders may be overwhelmed by the amount of data being generated; others may need professional development on aggregating, interpreting, and responding to data.

Our consultants work with your teachers and leadership team to make sense of student and school-wide data. We also support you in responding to data with curriculum planning and instructional support. Finally, we help you implement systems that support your on-going data needs.

School Audits

Schools change from within, but an outside perspective can be crucial. Our audits identify and target areas for improvement, while celebrating success. We take a supportive and non-judgmental approach to transformative change.

Our framework considers proven drivers of school success that align with common measures of school success. Through site visits and stakeholder feedback, we provide expert perspective and actionable recommendations.

The personalized learning gave me access to student data and enabled me to better meet the needs of my students.

Brian F

Middle School Math Teacher