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Teaching Strategies



Highly engaging, highly effective classrooms.

Effective instruction requires more than a high-quality curriculum. Schools depend on teachers with passion, skill, and training in the latest teaching strategies. We need to understand our students and respond to their unique needs. Help them master content while developing social-emotional and critical-thinking skills. Teachers must be comfortable managing whole group learning one day and facilitating group activities or project-based learning the next.

Many teachers were trained for whole group, chalk-and-talk instruction. Today’s schools are asking teachers to employ student-centered learning strategies. Too often, though, teachers don’t have adequate support to leave their comfort zone.

That’s where we come in. We create customized learning plans that meet teachers where they are. From workshops to embedded coaching, we provide the training teachers need to give students the education they deserve.

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Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning is at the heart of student-centered learning. When we create opportunities for students to learn through discovery, their understanding becomes deeper. They also better retain what they’ve learning and successfully apply it within real-world contexts. Learning through inquiry also supports additional learning outcomes, such as interpersonal and social-emotional learning.

We support teachers in using guided-inquiry to teach concepts and standards across subject areas and grade levels.Our unique system, the 3-Bridges Design for Learning can support your school and faculty through every step of incorporating inquiry-based learning into your existing schedule and curriculum. Through workshops and embedded coaching, we can help you implement project-based, problem-based, and gamified learning.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning has become widely accepted as an effective teaching tool. In times past, you could walk the halls of any K-12 school in the country and expect to see desks in rows, with a teacher at the front. Walk those same halls today, and you would likely see students seated in pods or even a horseshoe. So much has changed. Or has it?

While many schools have adjusted their furniture to accommodate group work, there is more to collaborative learning than seating arrangements. Group learning presents a host of new challenges in terms of planning, assessment, and classroom management. We provide targeted support to teachers building their facilitative teaching skills. Our strategies promote effective discourse among students and help teachers implement group work protocols that promote student achievement and engagement.

Classroom Management

Classroom management provides the foundation for effective teaching. Despite being a core teaching competency, the term has become somewhat controversial. Some associate classroom management with teacher-centered classrooms, lunch detentions, and bribing students with candy. At the same time, we can’t ask educators to release control of learning to their students unless they feel comfortable in their control to begin with.

We practice classroom management 2.0, which goes beyond behavior management to incorporate true performance management. Our PRESTO classroom management system supports teachers in shifting gradually from teacher-centered management strategies to student-centered motivation and ownership strategies. You can schedule a PRESTO workshop to bring these strategies to your school. We also provide personalized support that helps teachers identify and build on their unique strengths in classroom management.

Our coach took the time to get to know each of our personalities and teaching styles – I felt supported and not judged.

Veronica V

Elementary Math Teacher