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Technology Integration

Technology Integration


For efficiency and effectiveness

Your school’s plan for success starts here.

Most educators appreciate the importance of technology in the classroom, but how can we keep technology integration from being just one more thing on our To Do lists? When used right, EdTech can save time while building student engagement and achievement. Too often, though, technology becomes a hassle for teachers, students, administrators, and even parents.

Get the help you need from our team. We have the experience to anticipate the hardware, software, infrastructure, and training needs that you will encounter along the way. Whether you are going 1-to-1, planning a Personalized Learning Initiative, or using tech to support Project-Based Learning, we’ll make sure the technology works for you (and not the other way around).


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Teaching with Technology

Using technology effective in the classroom is no small task. And it requires more than training teachers to use technology. Educators must identify how technology can improve the student experience. Then, teachers  need to understand the unique classroom management and pedagogical demands of a technology-rich environment.

We provide comprehensive professional development to support all teachers on how to teach with technology effectively. Our workshops support teachers in each of the shifts required to use technology effectively in their classrooms. Our embedded coaching programs provide targeted support to meet the unique needs of every teacher and every classroom.

EdTech Training

There are thousands of E-Learning products on the market that can support transformative change in the classroom. Each new product has its own learning curve, and most EdTech companies are not equipped to provide adequate training to all of their users.

We provide technology training on all of the most popular E-Learning products, including Google Apps for Education, Khan Academy, Nearpod, and more. We can also help your school or district decide which programs are the best (and most cost-effective) fit for your needs.

Resource Management

For teachers to use technology effectively, they need to know that the technology will be available, and working, when they need it. Managing technology resources starts with good purchasing decisions and relies on well-designed systems for inventory, maintenance, and deployment.

Technology is a significant investment – we work with your technology management team to make sure the investment you make creates the greatest return for students and teachers. Whether your school has a full one-to-one program or doesn’t own a single device, we can help you design and implement a resource management plan that works.

Room to Discover not only has a vision for 21st century schools, but they truly understand the realities of today’s classroom.

Saber K

Director of Academic Technology