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Teacher-Centered Professional Development

Teacher-centered professional development supports teachers in creating student-centered learning environments. To learn more, use the interactive chart below or schedule a consultation.

Active Learning



Social-Emotional Learning

Choice and Voice

Technology Integration

Teacher-Centered Professional Development in Action

Have you ever felt like most professional development consists of lectures about how teachers shouldn’t lecture? If we expect teachers to create student-centered learning experiences for students, we owe it to teachers to design teacher-centered professional development, both in terms of workshops and embedded coaching.

Sit-and-listen PD can give a teacher great ideas about education, but what happens when it comes time to put these ideas into practice? How many teachers sit in workshops that don’t apply to their subject area, or simply don’t resonate with their teaching style?

When principals and instructional coaches take a servant leadership approach, student outcomes improve. That means allowing teachers to set their own goals. Servant leaders trust their teams to do the right thing, and provide the support to make their goals a reality.

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