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REGISTER NOW for our Spring Math Workshops

in Bergen County, NJ



A Hands-On Approach to Math Instruction: Level 1

May 20&21 9am-3:00pm (2-Day Workshop)






Interactive Education Workshops

Choose from a variety of education workshops that build enthusiasm and support highly effective instruction. We lead by example when it comes to student-centered learning. If you’re tired of lectures about why you shouldn’t lecture, it’s time you experience our PD sessions.

All of our workshops are interactive – teachers learn by doing, engaging in collaborative, hands-on activities that can be applied immediately to the classroom. Each session can be tailored to meet the needs of your school. Most sessions are available as 1/2 day, full day or multi-day sessions, and can be adapted for small or large group settings.

Choose from Current Education Workshops or Request a Custom Session


From Behavior to Performance


Collaborative and inquiry-based learning


Plan and Implement Your Initiative


Effective strategies for any subject

Classroom Management 2.0

Shift from Managing Behavior to Managing Performance with the PRESTO system.

Classroom management presents one of the most common challenges for educators. We want to build relationships and intrinsic motivation, but what do you do when students just won’t listen? When classroom management is a struggle, it can be difficult to imagine employing the most effective instructional practices, like collaborative and inquiry-based learning.

The PRESTO system allows teachers to gain control of their classrooms without sacrificing relationships or student engagement. We explore the three categories of classroom management: teacher-centered (Punishments and Rewards), cooperative (Encouragement and Support), and student-centered (Trust and Ownership). By shifting focus gradually from a teacher-centered to a student-centered approach, we develop strong student-teacher relationships while building intrinsic motivation.

Half Day and Full Day Workshops Available

Problem-Based Math Lessons

Making Hands-On Math Work in Your Classroom

Students and educators alike love hands-on and engaging lessons. Many school leaders would love to see inquiry-based and collaborative learning every day in every classroom. So why don’t we see more of this type of learning in today’s schools?

The reality is that delivering these lessons require time, expertise, and resources. Teacher education programs focus on the big ideas and research, but few get into the nuts and bolts of planning and executing problem-based lessons. Teachers often lack the resources to support hands-on learning. In this workshop, teachers will learn to plan and deliver effective problem-based math lessons, and leave with templates they can use to create engaging lessons week-after-week.

Half-Day, Full Day and Multi-Day Workshops Available

Khan Academy in the Math Classroom

A 5-Week Plan for Personalized Learning Success

Khan Academy is a great, free resource that creates personalized learning experiences for students. Getting the most out of Khan Academy requires more than knowing how to use the software. A successful initiative involves planning for everything from student passwords to data analysis. Our 5-week roll-out walks educators step-by-step through an implementation and helps avoid common obstacles.

Level 1: This session covers the firsts two weeks of implementation. Participants begin planning their roll-outs and exploring best practices for classroom use. Participants receive week 1-2 manual and activity guide. Half Day Session

Level 2: This session covers weeks 3-5, advanced uses. Teachers work in teams to analyze actual data from their classes and plan data-driven whole-group and small-group lessons. Participants receive week 3-5 manual and activity guide. Full Day Session

Collaborative Learning Strategies

How to Plan and Supporting Effective Group Learning

So the desks are in small groups — now what? Rows of desks facing the teacher used to be standard, but most schools today recognize the importance of structuring classrooms to promote student-to-student interaction. But it takes more than furniture to make collaborative learning work.

The reality is that group work can be effective, but it can also lead to chaos. To be successful, teachers need resources and strategies to support this approach. Participants in this workshop will learn routines and structures to help them manage and assess students in small group settings. We will also explore solutions to common problems faced with collaborative learning.

Half Day, Full Day and Multi-Day Workshops Available

Our coach took the time to get to know each of our personalities and teaching styles – I felt supported and not judged.

Veronica V

Elementary Math Teacher