Elementary Math Standards Made Simple

Elementary Math Standards Cheat Sheet

Are elementary math standards more complicated than they need to be? What if there were a better way to teach grade-level content? 

This elementary math standards cheat sheet will help you take a big picture approach to teaching the elementary math standards. 

This resource can help you answer some of the most common questions that elementary educators ask: 

  • How can I cover more content in less time? 
  • How can I use Project-Based Learning to teach standards? 
  • How can I address gaps in understanding? 
  • How can I challenge my most advanced students?


Balance differentiation and content coverage with the three bridges design for learning.

This guide aligns with Bridge 3 of our 3-Bridges Design for Learning

Personalized learning has direct benefits for students but also supports growth within the other two bridges.


Content Coverage

A unique approach to traditional schooling using high-impact instructional strategies that allow the teacher to be more efficient.

Personalized Learning

Students progress toward grade-level standards at their own pace. Teachers reduce grading time and shift into the role of “guide by the side.”

Inquiry-Based Learning

By learning through exploration, each student gains something unique. IBL supports content mastery, problem solving, and social-emotional learning.


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