Increase Student Engagement with

Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning presents students with questions and challenges, not just information. Students find diverse solutions to problems that have more than one right answer.

Benefits of Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning helps students develop conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. Learning experiences are engaging and impactful. Students learn deeply and retain what they’ve learned from year-to-year.


Active Learning

Enjoyment of Material

Creative Problem Solving


Aligned to Standards

Increased Retention

Conceptual Understanding

Social Emotional

Collaborative Learning

Planning and Self-Direction

Growth Mindset

Our Inquiry-Based Learning Services

Professional Development Workshop

Teacher Coaching

Embedded support for all aspects of inquiry-based learning.


Interactive workshops that prepare teachers for project-based and problem-based learning.

Online professional development coaching for educators one-on-one

Program Implementation

Comprehensive support, from customizing your curriculum to tracking student growth.

Talk to a Specialist About Inquiry-Based Learning in Your School

What Educators Are Saying

The coaching model exposed my team to new ways of thinking about classroom management, student engagement, and differentiation. Our students really enjoyed the activities.
Middle School Principal
I’m excited that someone has finally figured out how to make Inquiry-Based Math work in a real classroom. I can’t wait to put my students to work on these activities!
Elementary Teacher
My team and I found a lot of value in their 3-Bridges Design for Learning. It takes into account different approaches to learning and a range of educational outcomes.
District Math Supervisor

Our Experience, Your Piece of Mind


Engaging hands-on lessons begin with effective planning
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Unit Planning
  • Lesson Planning


Group learning competencies for students and teachers.
  • Facilitative Teaching
  • Group Work Protocols
  • Intentional Grouping


Rubrics support standards-aligned assessment of
  • Student Artifacts
  • Collaborative Process
  • Presentations

One Teacher's Inquiry-Based Learning Story


Elementary Math Teacher

Queens, NY

The thing that most impressed me is how Room to Discover tailored their support to our needs and interests. They had a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, and could provide insights into almost any educational topic.  

In just ten days, we learned strategies for classroom management, planning, and assessment, which allowed us to make Inquiry-Based Learning work for our students. When we asked for a resource they didn’t have, they helped us make our own!

Instead of telling us what to do, Room to Discover taught us by example. They made us feel comfortable and confident teaching Inquiry-Based Math.

Personalized learning allowed me to build my students up from where they were starting, so they could handle grade level work. As a result, they were more engaged, and their engagement led to higher achievement. 

I’ve been to some great workshops, but often felt overwhelmed using what I’d learned in my classroom. But our coach jumped in without missing a beat whenever I needed help. He even helped my students improve their communication and collaboration skills.

Our Process

We’ll help your team develop and implement inquiry-based learning experiences through a series of coaching cycles.


First we conduct a school assessment and identify goals. Working closely with stakeholders, we develop a vision for success that supports teachers, students, and school leaders.


Next, we work with your team to develop a step-by-step plan for success. We identify teacher-leaders and help ensure resources and scheduling support your vision for growth.


We work side-by-side with your teachers to implement your program with fidelity. This step includes lesson planning, demo lessons and teacher coaching.


Each cycle ends with a review of student artifacts and assessment data. Our reflections inform the direction of each successive program cycle.

Let us help you with your initiative

We’ll set your team up for success, addressing challenges before you even know they exist.