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Many educators today face a common challenge: How to meet the needs of unique learners, while ensuring fidelity to standards and curriculum. We offer a unique solution: The Three-Bridges Design for Learning.

Curriculum Planning

Custom curriculum planning saves teachers time on daily lesson planning, while ensuring that instruction is consistent within and across grade levels.

Personalized Learning

Technology allows students to master standards at their own pace. Educators use technology to save time and identify individual needs.​

Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning presents students with challenges instead of information. They find diverse solutions to problems that have more than one right answer.

How We Help Schools

Every child deserves an engaging classroom, an inspiring teacher, and a learning environment designed for their needs. With our help, you can make student-centered and authentic learning a reality in your school.

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Our Impact on Achievement

Schools that implement our personalized learning program experience measurable growth in teaching practice, student engagement, and student achievement. Here are one school’s results:


Student math proficiency increased 50% after their first year using The Three Bridges Design for Learning.

What our clients say

"Our curriculum planning initiative contributed to significant growth in student achievement this past school year. Our rising 7th grade class doubled its proficiency on state tests, while the number of students severely below grade level dropped 10%."
Brooklyn, NY
Middle School Principal

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