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Curriculum Development


Customized plans
for success

Your school’s plan for success starts here.

A solid understanding of starting points and expected outcomes supports effective curriculum design. If your out-of-the-box curriculum feels disconnected from the needs of your students or your faculty, we can help.

Our custom curriculum plans, based on the 3-Bridges Design for Learning, create efficient learning sequences and ensure the best outcomes for your students. In addition to academic success, our curriculum plans support authentic and non-academic learning, such as creative problem-solving and social-emotional skills.


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Yearly Planning

Effective yearly planning is at least as important as daily lesson planning. Long-term planning recognizes that the most important learning happens over time, not within a single class period. Creating yearly plans and unit overviews also allows teachers to differentiate for students who learn at different paces and through different methods.

We use the 3-Bridges Design for Learning to create customized plans that meet the needs of your students and your teachers. While textbooks are designed to cover grade level standards, they are rarely sufficient as a standalone resource. We offer help with revising scope-and-sequence and pacing guides to ensure the material meets students where they are. We also supplement out-of-the-box curriculum with activities that promote higher-order thinking and student engagement.

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is a critical skill in support of effective teaching. It can sometimes be challenging to separate innovative planning from filling out lesson plan forms. Teachers and administrators have full schedules, so taking the time to design creative lessons for several periods every day can feel overwhelming.

We support teachers in efficiently designing and delivering innovative lessons. The 3-Bridges Design for Learning breaks down instruction into easy to manage categories that support differentiation, hands-on learning, and content coverage. We also introduce effective lesson structures that can be adapted to a wide range of content. That way, teachers keep students engaged and supported without constantly reinventing the wheel.


Many schools have a curriculum that “covers” grade-level standards but falls short in terms of student engagement and non-academic outcomes. Worksheets and textbooks rarely support students in developing social-emotional skills, higher-order thinking, and real-world application.

We support schools in supplementing their existing curriculum to provide students more engaging and authentic learning experiences. We create custom lessons that incorporate project-based, problem-based, and gamified learning that are aligned to your curriculum and standards. We also provide professional development to support teachers on designing and implementing engaging and highly-effective lessons.

The project-based activities strengthened my son’s problem-solving skills and his ability to collaborate with his peers.

Jenny Kurani

Author – A Big Birthday Hug