Instructional Coaching

From Education Theory to Instructional Excellence

You’ve been to the workshops and done the research, but how do you make the big ideas a reality in your classroom? Our instructional coaches are expert educators, ready to talk to you about your classroom, your students, and your unique needs.

Benefits of Instructional Coaching


Teaching takes guts. Work with an instructional coach to build confidence in your practice, and to help you take ownership of your goals. 

Time Management

In education, every minute is precious. Work-life balance can sometimes feel like a fantasy! Our coaches will help you make the most of prep periods and instructional time.


We’ll help you understand your strengths and areas for growth. You’ll see measurable increases in your teaching effectiveness and student outcomes. 

I’ve been to some amazing workshops, but usually felt overwhelmed when I came back to my classroom and tried to implement everything I had learned.

Working with Jeff from Room to Discover was different. He took the time to get to know my personality and teaching styles – it always felt like I was being supported, rather than judged.


Elementary teacher, Queens NY

Areas of Focus

For each instructional coaching session, you choose a primary area of focus. Either maintain a consistent area of focus for your entire engagement, or work through cycles of reflection, planning, practice, and assessment.


Reflect on your strengths as an educator. Set Goals. Create a plan for success 


Deepen your understanding of standards. Plan engaging units and lessons.


Develop teaching competencies, including questioning, facilitation, and management.


Review data and student artifacts. Implement alternative and formative assessments. 

How it Works


Connect with your coach twice each month to plan lessons, assess student work, or even review video footage from your classroom. 

Your coach is available when YOU need them. You can connect by phone or video chat.

Looking for a boost?

Educators who are looking for advice and perspective benefit most from our monthly coaching plan

Start by scheduling a goal-setting session and completing your self-assessment. Then, you’ll connect with your coach twice a month for support and to review progress.

Looking to transform your practice?

We’ve found that a four-month coaching cycle is the most effective way to experience transformative growth in your teaching practice.

Each cycle includes two monthly sessions, your initial goal-setting session and an end-of-cycle progress review. 

Month 1

Free consultation to review your reflection and set goals.

Two coaching sessions: plan lessons, review student work, or review best practices.

Months 2-3

Continue with two coaching/planning sessions per month.

Review and update your progress each month.

Month 4

Two regular coaching sessions.

Final end-of-cycle session to review overall progress towards your goals.

Not Sure Which Plan is Right for You?

Schedule a free consultation. You can meet one of our coaches and learn more about how we can help you help your students, AND achieve work/life balance.

Get Started

Bring the benefits of instructional coaching to your classroom, school or district.


If you’re ready to take charge of your own professional growth, schedule your goal-setting session today. We’ll review your self-assessment and help you establish your areas of focus and success milestones.

School Leaders

Schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you help your teachers. Our coaches work with high-performing teachers to go the extra mile, or provide foundational support to new team members.