Personalized Learning Journeys

One-on-One Professional Development: For Teachers, by Teachers

Twelve-week, virtual learning experiences, tailored to the unique needs of each teacher. Participants choose an area of focus and collaborate with a mentor teacher to develop and achieve their professional growth goals.

Benefits of Personalized PD

A Supportive, High-Impact Approach to Professional Learning 


With action steps targeted to each teacher’s needs and goals, we keep participants engaged, bringing new strategies back to their classrooms throughout the process.


You don’t have time for ‘one more thing on the ToDo list.’ We embed learning into the work you're already doing, saving valuable time for you and your team.


Finally, a way to measure the impact of professional learning on classroom practice. And better teaching means higher student engagement and achievement.

Unlike traditional, one-size-fits-all professional development, Learning Journeys are designed for how adults learn. ‘Lessons’ are embedded into the work teachers are already doing in their classrooms, and participants receive specific action steps, consistent support, and relevant resources. The result is increased student engagement and achievement, without adding to their workload.

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Personalized Learning Success Story - Ricky

What Teachers Are Saying

Before, my students were just focused on getting a good grade, but now they ask questions that reflect a growth mindset and a more engaged approach to learning activities.

The coach provided a point of reference. It was comforting while trying something new. As with most endeavors, having the right support is a vital element of success.


Math Teacher, Brooklyn NY

How it Works

We start by working with school and district leaders to define instructional priorities and choose your cohort of teachers. 

Participants complete a self-assessment and work with their mentor to create a goal for their journey. 

Then, through successive ‘action cycles,’ teachers bring concrete strategies back to their classroom, and review evidence of impact with their coach.

 Throughout the journey, leaders can monitor and document each teacher’s progress through the dashboard.

Each personalized professional learning journey for educators begins by matching teachers with a coach who has expertise in their subject area, grade level, and areas of interest.

Teachers are matched with an expert coach, who specializes in their focus area.

For the next step in the learning journey, each teacher completes a pedagogical self-assessment and creates a SMART goal.

Teachers work with their coach to reflect on their practice and clarify a measurable goal.

Teachers bring strategies back to the classroom and review evidence of impact with their coach.
Teachers bring strategies back to the classroom and review evidence of impact with their coach.
School and district leaders monitor teachers' progress via the dashboard.

Leaders use the dashboard to monitor and document progress in real time.

Learning Pathways

The Professional Learning Topics Your Teachers are Asking For

Learning pathways include everything teachers need to implement new approaches in their classrooms, from articles and videos on high-level concepts, to specific strategies that connect theory to practice, and resources to help teachers implement what they learn with minimal planning time.

Math Content

Visual Models & Manipulatives

Expressions & Equations

Word Problems

Humanities Content

The Science of Reading

Evidence-Based Writing

The Art of Debate

Teaching Foundations

Classroom Management & Culture

Planning Units & Lessons

Teaching with Technology

Advanced Pedagogy


Inquiry-Based & Collaborative Learning

Personalized Learning

Teachers Need Personalized PD

1 %
of Teachers

Are dissatisfied with the professional development they receive at school.

1 %
of Administrators

Feel they can provide PD that meets individual teacher needs.

Source: Teachers Know Best; Gates Foundation, 2014

What's Included in a Learning Journey?

Each learning journey comes with everything you will need to elevate instructional practice, increase student engagement and achievement, and keep track of your team’s professional growth

Professional Learning


Success Metrics


Most frequent questions and answers

The materials covered in a learning journey is often similar to what is presented at a workshop. The difference is that the specific content is tailored to each teacher. And rather front-loading 6-hours of information, new concepts are presented gradually, so teachers can try each strategy in their class and decide if they want to dive deeper or move on to the next tip.

We typically recommend three categories of participating teachers: new recruits, high achievers, and developing educators. 1st and 2nd year teachers are often willing learners who certainly need the help. High achievers are that way because they are motivated to constantly approve. Finally, if you are assigning educators for cause, we require that you have communicated (to them and to us) the specific improvement you are looking for.

Teachers meet with coaches every other week of a Learning Journey. On the intervening weeks, teachers complete action steps and coaches provide feedback on the evidence collected. During a single (half-year) cycle, teachers will have six 45-minute sessions with their coach. In a full-year cycle, teachers will have twelve meetings with their coach.

In many ways, virtual coaches are more aware of what is happening in their teachers’ classrooms. Because of our evidence-based process, virtual coaches rely on objective insights from video, student surveys, data, and other artifacts of learning. As they review evidence in follow-up sessions, coaches guide teachers to draw their own conclusions, rather than simply offering advice.

While we’re happy to support your entire team, it’s usually helpful to start with a targeted cohort. This ensures that the help is going to the teachers who will benefit the most, and allows you to assess the impact on s smaller scale before rolling out to your entire school or district.

The impact of any professional learning initiative can be measured by how it improves the learning experience for students. But it may take several years to measure such results. And coaches are not there to evaluate teachers. Instead, we conduct self-assessments with teachers, encouraging them to consider the evidence collected throughout their journey, and to evaluate their satisfaction with the process. We also report each teacher’s goal and level of participation, and encourage leaders to compare teacher evaluations from before and after each cycle.

Of course! Many of our teachers also get help from an on-site coach. Most on-site coaches support a large number of teachers in a range of topics. In a Learning Journey, teachers work through a structured process, focusing on a single area of practice. We match teachers with a coach who specializes in their grade level and area of interest. Teachers can schedule sessions for whatever period works best for them. Many teachers prefer the added confidentiality of working with a coach outside of the building.

We encourage administrators to visit their dashboard at least once a week. Someone from your leadership team should meet with each participating teacher before and after their cycle to ensure the work is aligned with the school vision. We also recommend that administrators conduct additional check-ins when a teacher has missed a meeting or action step.

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