Fraction Essentials Bundle: e-Book and Digital Activities

Fraction Essentials Bundle: e-Book and Digital Activities

This Fractions Essentials Bundle empowers you to use proven strategies for developing conceptual understanding of fractions. Students often learn tricks and algorithms, without mastering fraction foundations. The eBook will help you identify and address common fractions misconceptions. And the digital activities make it easy to bring conceptual learning to your classroom, with visual models and algebraic reasoning.


This Teaching Fraction Essentials eBook and digital activities empowers you to take control of your professional growth in the area of teaching fractions. Few math topics cause more frustration for students and teachers than fraction operations.

Part of the problem is that fractions don’t look or act like most numbers we deal with on a daily basis. This resource goes beyond explaining about teaching fractions, it also includes links to resources and videos.

What’s Included:

✰ Videos for Teacher Growth
✰ Lesson plans are already created and ready to go
✰ Digital and Print Activities
✰ Teacher Tips
✰ Comprehensive Lesson driven by proven results


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