Private Workshop: Teaching with Visual Models and Manipulatives (Grades 6-8)

Private Workshop: Teaching with Visual Models and Manipulatives (Grades 6-8)


Have you heard that digital math manipulatives and visual models are only for younger students? Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Modeling with digital math manipulatives and visual models helps middle school students deepen their understanding of concepts like ratios, integers, variables, and even functions!

You’ll leave the session with lesson plans and resources you can use in your class the next day.

This is a 3-part online workshop, conducted in real time with a live facilitator.


Importance of Manipulatives and Visual Models in Middle School

Digital manipulatives and visual models support a range of middle school math standards. Students who learn with digital manipulatives develop a deeper understanding of ratios, variables, integers and functions.

Visuals and manipulatives also support proficiency in math practice standards MP2, MP4, and MP6.

Visual Models and Digital Math Manipulatives: Session Highlights

In this workshop, participants will explore how the concrete, representational, abstract progression can help you create fun and engaging visual models lessons that are aligned to your grade-level standards. You’ll also learn how to incorporate digital manipulatives into your online lessons.

  • Four scale model progressions: base-10, additive, multiplicative, and patterns/functions
  • Teaching with area models, algebra tiles, and the coordinate plane
  • Visual Models and Number Sense
  • Aligning Visual Models with Your Grade-Level Standards

Session Overview

This is an interactive online learning experience. The session begins with an introduction to multiple representations and an exploration of visual model progressions from elementary through middle school.

Next, you’ll collaborate with fellow educators as you practice working with area models, algebra tiles, and the coordinate plane.

Finally, you’ll learn best practices for planning and teaching lessons with digital manipulatives.

Workshop registration includes class licenses for all templates and organizers needed to conduct your visual model lesson the next day.

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About the Presenter

Jeff Lisciandrello is the founder of Room to Discover and an educational consultant specializing in student-centered learning practicesJeff Lisciandrello is an expert in math curriculum and student- centered instructional practices, with over 15 years experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and instructional coach. In Jeff’s workshops, educators, don’t just hear about differentiation and inquiry-based learning, they experience them first-hand. You can connect with him via Twitter @EdTechJeff


Sessions are designed for math teachers, coaches, and supervisors in grades 6 through 8, but are open to all educators.
For more information, contact [email protected].

1 Session: 6 Hours Per Session, 2 Sessions: 3 Hours Per Session, 3 Sessions: 2 Hours Per Session, 4 Sessions: 90 Minutes Per Session, 1 Session: 1 Hour (Introductory)


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