Add & Subtract to 10 Using Ten-Frames | Digital Visual Models

Add & Subtract to 10 Using Ten-Frames | Digital Visual Models

This digital manipulative activity will help your students use counters and ten-frames to develop base-10 understanding and add/subtract within 10.


Using effective visual models is one of the most important activities to do when you’re teaching addition and subtraction to 10.  Use these digital manipulative visual models to help your students practice adding and subtraction to 10 using Ten-Frames.

Students may struggle to understand addition and subtraction. Many students will understand them better after creating them with the digital manipulatives.

In this lesson, students will use the digital manipulatives to create visual models to learn about addition and subtraction. And, they’ll begin to make visual connections. This visual connection and the use of digital manipulatives will help your students succeed. (Common Core Standard K.OA.A.1) )

Benefits of Addition and Subtraction to 10 Using Ten-Frames Activities

Students will have the opportunity to use digital manipulatives to work with numbers, as they learn about the place value and using ten frames.

The included activities can be completed digitally. They will prepare you to teach the standards (K.OA.A.1 ) through digital “hands-on” learning.

You’ll also save time by using the pre-made activities. And the completed activities make for a great formative assessment or an artifact for student portfolios.

  • Low Floor, High Ceiling Math Task
  • Digital Activity with Digital Manipulatives
  • Supports Deep Conceptual Understanding
  • Aligned to Standards (K.OA.A.1)
  • Promotes Student Discourse
  • Minimal Prep Time
  • Easy to Edit and Create More Activities

What’s Included?

These Addition and Subtraction to 10 using Ten-Frames activities contain everything you need to teach this lesson with minimal prep time:

  • Editable Google Slides activity – added to your Google Drive
  • Practice problems with manipulatives that are ready to go
  • Video: How to edit Google Master Slides


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