Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer

Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer

Do you want to help your students to organize their essays around a thesis statement? This thesis statement organizer will do just that.

It includes an editable Google Slides activity and a printable .pdf. Soon your students will be experts at organizing their ideas and writing amazing thesis statements!


Crafting effective thesis statements is one of the most important writing skills your students will learn. Use this thesis statement graphic organizer to help them organize their ideas.

Students from elementary through high school can struggle to create a good essay structure. Oftentimes, a thesis doesn’t cover the entire topic or simply repeats a topic sentence. Topic sentences can also end up repetitive, or at times, fail to connect to the purpose of the essay.

Benefits of Using the Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer

Essays with great thesis statements are organized, easier-to-read, and effective. Essays without a strong thesis are unfocused, rambling, and unclear.

The thesis statement graphic organizer helps students create a strong foundation for their 5-paragraph essays. With the thesis web, students can easily “see” the connections between their thesis and topic sentences.

It also serves as a helpful tool for providing feedback to students when you spot these common errors. The thesis web connects the overall structure of the paper to the topics of individual paragraphs.

Before I began using the thesis web, many students got bogged-down creating their outlines. They were trying to do a lot at once – organize their ideas, incorporate textual evidence, and determine the overall structure of their paper.

When my students use this resource, they’re much less likely to make those common errors. And they have an easier time thinking about the overall purpose of their writing, and creating an outline.

Use this graphic organizer to:
✰ Cut down on your prep time
✰ Provide an easy step before creating a complete outline
✰ Improve the quality of your students’ 5-paragraph essays
✰ Simplify reading and grading students’ final papers

What’s Included?

The thesis statement graphic organizer contains

  • Editable Google Slides activity – added to your Google Drive
  • Printable .pdf version
  • Free videos on how to edit Google Master Slides and how to add assignments to Google Classroom


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