Private Workshop: The Five Step Personalized Learning Plan

Given the buzz around personalized learning, it’s surprising how much confusion there is around the meaning of the term. Personalized learning is NOT a piece of software. And it doesn’t require students to spend all day staring at computer screens. The essence of personalized learning is to allow students to learn at their own level and pace, to help them set goals and take ownership of their learning. In this workshop, you’ll learn the five simple steps to ensuring you and your students enjoy the benefits of personalized learning. We’ll help take the guesswork out of creating your plan, and help you overcome the most common obstacles to personalizing your classroom.

Private Workshop: The Five Step Personalized Learning Plan



Session Highlights

This workshop covers the ideas behind personalized learning, as well as the practical steps that will help you get started. The five-step personalized plan covers everything from goal-setting, to facilitation, and reviewing data. The program is “platform agnostic,” so you can use these five steps with whatever software you use for online learning.

This Level 1 session focuses on the first three stages of personalized learning: Plan, Launch, and Support. Step 4 (Respond) and 5 (Beyond) are covered in the Level 2 Personalized Learning workshop:

Plan: Set up teacher and student accounts, create your personalized learning schedule and student expectations.

Launch: Introduce your students to the concepts behind personalized learning and show them how to make the most of your chosen platform. Students create their personalized learning goals.

Support: Address common challenges students face when adjusting to personalized learning. Create a routine of small group and individual conferences to help students take ownership of their learning. This workshop is designed for educators shifting to a personalized learning approach, as well as those who are looking to create a more systematic approach for their personalized learning initiatives.


Each participant receives a digital workbook, full of planning materials and student organizers, so you can start making the most of personalized learning the very next day. The 5-Step Personalized Learning plan can be used for students of all ages, in live classrooms or for online learning.

About the Presenter

Jeff Lisciandrello is the founder of Room to Discover and an educational consultant specializing in student-centered learning practicesJeff Lisciandrello is a consultant and curriculum designer specializing in student-centered instructional practices. With over 15 years experience as a classroom teacher and instructional coach, his expertise supports teachers and education leaders at the intersection of theory and practice. In Jeff’s workshops, you won’t just hear about differentiation and inquiry-based learning: You’ll experience them first-hand. Find him on Twitter @EdTechJeff


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