Team Story Analysis Graphic Organizers- Group Reading Analysis Activity

Team Story Analysis Graphic Organizers- Group Reading Analysis Activity

Do your students have difficulty analyzing stories? The Story Analysis organizer can help!

This digital download includes a printable .pdf. Soon your students will be experts at analyzing stories, novels, or passages and they can work as a team to accomplish it!


Being able to effectively analyze a story  is one of the most important reading skills your students will learn. But it’s also one of the most challenging.

When students can break down the parts of a story and explain it to their peers they have mastered the skill of analyzing. When students aren’t able to effectively analyze what they have read they will not comprehend it as well.

Why is it so Hard to Analyze a Story?

Analyzing something someone else has written is as challenging as it is important.

Many students can read and discuss a book but struggle when they have to break it down and explain the details.

Struggling through the process of analyzing a story can be frustrating for students. Not to mention the burden on teachers who spend extra time and energy trying to get the students to think deeply about what they are reading.

In many cases, the problem begins with not having an organized method to start the analysis. It’s hard to analyze a story when you are thinking about the entire story but when you are provided the steps that walk you through the process it becomes an easier task.

Enter the Story Analysis Organizer.

How the Story Analysis Graphic Organizer Helps Students

The story analysis graphic organizer helps students break down the process used when analyzing what they have read. With the analysis organizer, students can easily “see” the parts they need to think deeply about to complete their analysis. The organizer guides them in identifying important aspects of the story, including point-of-view, plot elements, figurative language, and more! 

The visual format helps them to see the connections between the different parts of what they read. And it gives them the chance to work as a team to effectively break down a story and teach it to their classmates. In the end, students are given space to create their own comprehension and discussion questions they can use as they “teach” the story to their classmates.

This simple step will set your students up for success when it comes to understanding and analyzing stories.

How the Story Analysis Graphic Organizer Helps Teachers

And using a story analysis organizer won’t only help your students. It will also save you time and energy when teaching the process. 

It’s also a helpful tool for teaching students to work in groups and share their work with the class.

Benefits of using the thesis statement graphic organizer during the writing process:

  • Engaging in-class lesson 
  • Formative assessment 
  • Final analysis are easier to read (and grade)
  • Increased mastery of reading standards

What’s Included?

The story analysis graphic organizer contains:

  • Printable .pdf version
  • Group Work Rubric
  • Elementary Version
  • Middle School Version


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