Private Workshop: Classroom Management Workshop: A Social-Emotional Approach to Managing Behavior

Private Workshop: Classroom Management Workshop: A Social-Emotional Approach to Managing Behavior


Classroom Management is one of the most challenging, and most important, skills for educators to master. In this classroom management workshop, you’ll learn how to apply the MLS System to improve classroom management in-person or online.

So if your students act out or have trouble following directions, this workshop is for you. MLS is also great for teachers looking to increase student ownership and support social-emotional growth.

In this virtual workshop, you’ll learn all the skills you need to manage your classroom, and motivate your students. You’ll assess your strengths and opportunities for growth, and create a classroom management plan that works for you.

Each session is conducted in real time with a live facilitator. Registration includes all the print and digital resources you need to implement what you learn right away. Participants earn a total of 3.5 PD Hours.

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To bring out the best in your students, you’ll need positive strategies that increase motivation and support social-emotional learning. In this classroom management workshop, you’ll learn practical strategies to improve your students’ behavior and academic performance.

Traditional management strategies focus on establishing rules and asserting teacher authority. While these are important, they are only the beginning.

To be successful, teachers must develop trust and cultivate positive relationships with students. These strategies, known as MLS (manage, lead, support), promote social-emotional growth. And they provide immense benefits for both students and teachers.

In this classroom management workshop, you’ll learn practical strategies, collaborate with peers, and develop a plan tailored to your students and your goals. You’ll leave with all the planning organizers and classroom resources you’ll need to start seeing results right away.

MLS: A Social-Emotional Approach to Managing Behavior

MLS is a three-part system for classroom management that focuses on positive relationships and social-emotional learning.

Once you’ve worked through the three-phases of MLS, you won’t have to fight with students to follow directions or complete their work. Instead, you can focus on creating engaging lessons and meeting your students’ individual needs.

That doesn’t mean throwing all the old strategies out the window. In this classroom management workshop, the MLS system is presented as a way to leverage the benefits of traditional classroom management, while laying the foundations for intrinsic motivation and social-emotional growth. It works in three progressive stages:

  • Manage: Uses traditional classroom management approaches, including rewards and punishments. By creating an orderly classroom with clear expectations, we can begin transferring ownership to our students.
  • Lead: Here, you continue to set the direction and establish norms for your students. But instead of carrots and sticks, rely on trust and encouragement.
  • Support: As students take ownership of their learning, you step into a facilitator role and help them work towards their own goals.

Over time, students develop their social-emotional skills and begin to take over more responsibility for their learning. This benefits teachers, as classes are more enjoyable and easy to manage. And it benefits students by increasing engagement and achievement.

Classroom Management Workshop Overview

nThis classroom management workshop consists of 3.5 hours of hands-on, interactive, professional learning. Sessions are conducted in real time, with a live facilitator. You’ll explore classroom strategies and scenarios, as you engage in discussions with fellow educators.

As a participant, you’ll learn to plan and implement the MLS System, and you’ll receive your own copies of all the print and digital resources to bring what you learn back to your school the very next day!

Part 1

The classroom management workshop begins with an overview of the Manage-Lead-Support system. You’ll complete a self-assessment to reflect on your classroom management strengths and areas for growth.

Next, we’ll dive deep into three strategies that promote student ownership and social-emotional growth: surveys, goal-setting, and conferencing. You’ll complete role plays as student and teacher. And you’ll collaborate with fellow educators to create your classroom management plan.

Part 2

Next, we help you address the foundations for student ownership in the Manage and Lead phases.

Management through punishments and rewards can be highly effective, but must be used carefully. Through collaborative activities and discussions, you’ll develop a strategic plan to address your greatest classroom management challenges.

Then, we’ll look at the complex process of developing classroom culture and establishing trust. These leadership strategies are key to transitioning from behavior management to student ownership

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About the Presenter

Jeff Lisciandrello is the founder of Room to Discover and an educational consultant specializing in student-centered learning practicesJeff Lisciandrello is an expert in social-emotional learning and student- centered instructional practices, with over 15 years experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and instructional coach. In Jeff’s workshops, educators, don’t just hear about differentiation and inquiry-based learning, they experience them first-hand. You can connect with him via Twitter @EdTechJeff


1 Session: 3 Hours Per Session, 2 Sessions: 1.5 Hours Per Session, 1 Session: 1 Hour (Introductory)


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